Rider Diary: Patrick Shaw…From Adelaide to Amsterdam to Italy!

We welcome aboard Pat Shaw, who is one of the up and coming Australian riders you would have read about in Mark Windsor’s diaries with the Australian U23 team. Pat tells us his side of the stories!


Trip begins with what every bike rider hates but knows needs to be done… TRAINING CAMP!

Off to adelaide for 7 days on May the 14th for a training camp with Ian Mckenzie(Coach/DirectorSportif), Matt King(Dundee), Nic Walker(Paris), Luke Cridland(Thorpie), Hayden Josefski(Simeoni)and Dean Windsor(Rocky).

1st Day in Italy, Coffee ANYONE?
Photo (c) Pat Shaw

The training camp was dry 3 days of the 7, which little did i know would be the story of our trip 😦
We arrived on the Monday and were given some easy to remember directions to do an easy ride, turns out the directions werent so easy to remember and we did “le tour d’adelaide”, returned to the appartments knowing that we had 140km,160km,180km,100km,150km, before our next recovery day. Yep we were going to get some form here. No one wants to hear about training though. So lets speed up to the enjoyable part(sarcastic)!

Gotta love the sun!
Photo (c) Pat Shaw

The flight to EUROPE, anyone who enjoys this is sad, boring and hell lonely!

Itenery: depart adelaide sun 20th may @ 3pm, arrive kuala lumpa @ 9pm,

depart @ 1155pm for amsterdam, arrive @ 635am, depart for milan @ 940am,

arrive @ 1125am. Total flying time:21h55mins, Travel time:28h25mins

You’re mad Criddo
Photo (c) Pat Shaw

Was so bored on the flight i reduced myself to watching the movie “QUEEN” possibly worst film ever! It took us until 2hrs from amsterdam to start the “World Pong Championships” as DEANO calls it. It turns out Dean Won the Worlds, Luke was most talented but showed appauling form in the tournament. CONGRATULATIONS to DEAN!!!!

Bored Or?
Photo (c) Pat Shaw

Part 1 of 4…to be continued


2 Responses to Rider Diary: Patrick Shaw…From Adelaide to Amsterdam to Italy!

  1. Windscreens says:

    Geez all sounds very exciting, I hope that European racing has brought you up for some real racing this weekend….the Macedon Ranges Team Classic!! That’s where it’s at!!

  2. justin says:

    hello patrick
    would love a reply from you i am justin i requested a photo of you a little while back i love your photos stay cool

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