Excellent News: Shamus Liptrot learning to walk!


SHAMUS Liptrot is still learning to walk but he dreams of one day getting back on his bike.

The 18-year-old South Australian cyclist suffered devastating injuries when he hit a light pole at last year’s Devonport Carnival.

When transferred home from the Royal Hobart Hospital in March, Shamus was communicating with his family by blinking.

He has since made enormous progress – amazing doctors with his recovery.

Later this week when Coastal cyclists Callan Walker and Sam Brett walk into his Adelaide hospital room and say hello, their friend will finally be able to reply.



6 Responses to Excellent News: Shamus Liptrot learning to walk!

  1. Ross Harding says:

    This is fantastic news….Great to hear that everything is going in the right direction……..Well done Shamus

  2. nugget says:

    shamos a legend i was there last week and he was talking shit on his letter board so he hasnt changed a bit
    he swears at docters on his board, watches the tour and mouths the lack of sock height, and just talks shit about nothing
    his a great bloke

  3. Kelly Avory says:

    heyyy!! last time i saw Shamo was when he couldn’t do a thing! Now i hear he is learin too walk nD swearin lol w0t a ledgend! love you shamus xxx

  4. Kelly Avory says:

    Hey Shamo, if you ever read these comments…. then we should catch up soon when you are not too busy. I miss you! When you see my brother ask him for number or something, okay? =) Hope to hear from you soon.

    Take care lovee,

  5. People says:

    Hey… Ive known shamus since the first year of primary school. he has always had a smile on his face and made others have one to. All i ever heard him talk about was how one day he WILL ride in the toudown under or the tour de france, he loves ridin his bike and i know that he will get back on it. From when he first had his accident until now he has made an amazing recovery, i remember when i first saw him in hospital, i looked into his eyes and i could see the fight and how much he just wanted to be out and be walking again and i couldnt help but cry. Shamus is amazing so strong willed and has this fire inside him. Shamus WILL be back on his bike and he WILL win or even race in the tour down under or tour de france.

    Shamus there are so many people in this world that love and care for you. Kepping fighting you will be out of that stupid chair and walking just dont ever give up.

    WE LOV YOU Xxxx

  6. Shirley Walsh says:

    Shamos, Thank you so much for the photo of you on the bike and your letter. It is really wonderful to see your determination and your progress. All the very best to you and your parents.

    Shirley and Charlie

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